Wirefree Rechargeable LED Luminaire Lamp


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Set the atmosphere with these colour changing lights, with over 10 hours of run time makes it perfect for relaxing either inside or out. Ideal for conservatories, gardens or patios, this innovative remote-controlled Wirefree Small LED Light Egg will light up your living spaces with style. Patented wirefree charging through 5 cm of any non-metallic material. Designed for outdoor use. All products with this symbol has an IP 65 certified charging plate Features Small Wireless LED Light Egg Indoor/Outdoor Use Colour Changing IP 65 Rating Charging Options Wire-free induction charging, requires direct contact with product. Recharge via USB-cable. Charge a battery power product directly via DC plug-in or power directly through AC. Wire-free QI charging. Outdoor wire-free plate can be complemented…


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